Ken Mack is a high-level high energy entrepreneur investor who specialises in buying and selling businesses (Mergers & Acquisitions). Ken is not just another one of these mentors who sells courses but one who has been there and done it over the last 15 years. Ken has been involved in complex multi-jurisdiction acquisitions involving India, Belgium, UK, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and the United States with combined revenues in excess of $40M

Ken believes you should only take advice from successful people who have actually done it. Never take advice from an unsuccessful person! Always request the proof before you commit to somebody as a mentor especially if they carry a premium like myself. Ken can provide you with plenty of that along with references. 

Did you know an investment in mentorship is TAX DEDUCTIBLE?

Here's to your first 100 Million

Looking for somebody to accelerate your success to the next level? Ken will force you to level up!


Ken's success is your success. He will partner with you on deals and take you by the hand from start to finish.



Driven by purpose and delivering the hard and raw truth. 

Cutting the bullshit and getting straight down to business!

Are you ready to level up?


Floor 2

9 Portland Street


M1 3BE

Email: knowledge@academyofacquisitions.com

Phone: 0843 886 9526

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