In 1984 a deal maker and entrepreneur was born!

To date, Ken has not invested a single dollar into attending courses, mentorship or seminars. Ken's unique approach has evolved from almost 2 decades of wins, failures, ups and downs, and that my friends is what makes Ken's approach to life, business and his acquisition methodology different from every other guru or mentor out there.


During Ken's teenage years he discovered his unique ability to negotiate, lead and create. His first business venture was established at the age of 13 being a patio furniture cleaning company. By age 15 Ken seen himself making more money than his mother and father combined and was able to afford what only every kid could dream off. Do you blame Ken for questioning the education system? As Ken's teachers tried to push the further education agenda on him, he simply responded with "No degree is going to pave the path for the life I dream, I could simply hire those I require with the skills I need" Ken did not waste the time of others when somebody else with lower expectation in life could gladly accept the place. Are you starting to get the picture? Simply put Ken was not be intimidated no matter how big the challenge. As every kid has encountered Ken has his ups and down and was told by his parents "Son, you will either end up a multi-millionaire or in jail" thankfully it has been the latter. 

To date, some of Ken's more interesting deals has seen him close complex multi-jurisdiction acquisitions involving India, Belgium, UK, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Portugal, UAE and the United States. One of Ken's larger deals seen him land a manufacturing company with circa $50M revenue employing 700+ staff which by the way was a 100% no money down deal.

If you are looking to acquire skills from somebody who lives and breathes what they preach, then you are in the right place. 

Ken has been deal making all his life but only started mentoring in January 2020, to date Ken has successfully mentored 20+ students. Click here to see REAL testimonials giving an honest account of their experience with Ken and let the results speak. 


Dan Pena QLA with Ken Mack

Dan Pena & Ken Mack


Ken Mack was recently appraised by Dan Pena who is known as the 50 Billion Dollar man. Dan runs a famous seminar held at Guthrie castle in Scotland called QLA "Quantum Leap Advantage".


Dan's mentoring has created many success stories including recently Josh Kim, Dan Lok and David Rose from London Real TV. 

Dan Pena was recipient of the "Order Of St John" appointed by Her Majesty The Queen  in (October 2017), Washington National Cathedral, Washington, DC

To be appraised by Dan Pena was a great moment for Ken during the closing of 2019.

Dan Pena QLA with Ken Mack

Ken was featured in July 2020 by Yahoo Finance alongside the legendary deal maker Carl Allen. Ken and Carl have both been identified as entrepreneurs to watch in 2020. Carl has an impressive portfolio of deals spanning $48B in value and is the founder of the Deal Marker Wealth Society. Carl has been on stage speaking doing keynotes with some of the world's most famous entrepreneurs including Ken and Carls mutual friend Grant Cardone


With both the impressive networks and abilities of Ken and Carl, these are the 2 of the most exciting Mergers & Acquisitions entrepreneurs that must be on your follow list. 

You can read more in the article by clicking here


Ken Mack, Mergers & Acquisitions Entrepreneur QLA

Ken was recently featured in the Sun Newspaper UK for having the best home bar in the UK where his investment was in excess of £100K. 


Other UK publications overheard the news where the journalists had a lot of fun pushing the story out. 

Ken says "Being an entrepreneur and investor is challenging but you have to enjoy yourself sometimes as well" Ken spends the best part of 80 hours every week working between his owns and mentees deals, he keeps the weekends clear for his family. Ken claims that he will stop doing deals the day he is dead. To say Ken is unique is putting it mildly. 

Ken Mack, Mergers & Acquisitions Entrepreneur QLA
Ken Mack, Mergers & Acquisitions Entrepreneur QLA
Ken Mack, Mergers & Acquisitions Entrepreneur QLA


Some of the more interesting countries Ken has found himself doing deals include Lithuania, Spain, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal and the USA. See below some examples of deals Ken has been involved with including some press articles. Its easy to talk a big talk but that is what the results are for so on that note, have a look below. 

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