Buy your 1st company with no money down

Within 120 days


This is a one-off practical mentorship opportunity

Execute on real deals with Ken Mack

From this mentorship, you will achieve the following:-

  • Learn how to buy a business without risking any of your own money

  • Develop the required mindset required to make such an acquisition 

  • You will be properly positioned so that the seller takes you seriously 

  • Your acquisition vehicle will be set up and fully programed

  • Your deal-making machine will be fully programmed

  • Access a closed and exclusive network of like-minded people 

  • Be able to negotiate like a professional

  • Learn how to exit the business you have acquired

  • Learn how to work on the business instead of in it

  • Learn how to merge similar businesses together 

  • You will learn how to connect buyers with sellers

10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every single day in the USA, 90% of all business brokers do not sell businesses, 90% of owners are open to seller finance! THE NEXT 10 YEARS IS GOING TO SEE THE BIGGEST TRANSITION IN WEALTH IN HISTORY! You can either watch us continue to acquire businesses with none of our own money or you can join us.

This is an exclusive 3-month program where you will be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs who have committed to growing wealth via acquisitions. Whether you follow Dan Pena (QLA) or have heard about no money down acquisitions, Ken will be walking you threw the process and taking you from the start line to the finish line. 

This is an ideal opportunity for those who cannot afford Ken's VIP partnership program. 

By coming on board with Ken you will also gain access to Ken's exclusive inner circle where you will be surrounded by the 0.1%, this alone is worth 10 times more than the cost of the program. 

One of Ken's highlights of 2019 was being endorsed by the 50 Billion Dollar Man "Dan Pena". Dan recognised Ken's success at his last high ticket QLA castle seminar and on various occasions on his social media. CLICK HERE TO SEE 

If you are looking for a no-bullshit straight-line approach to making this happen then make sure you do not miss this!

Please note, this is a premium mentorship service where no discounts are offered. You will be investing in knowledge in which you can leverage for the rest of your life. Think of it this way, Harvard students invest an average of $100K where the average student returns only $100K - $170K per year AND it takes them around 5 years to do so! Investing a few thousand dollars in mentorship from Ken and you have the tools, mindset and knowledge to build generational wealth within the space of 12 months!


Dan Pena Endorsing Ken Mack 


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