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Welcome to the Next Level in wealth creation education. During the 3 month program not only will you learn how to acquire 7-8 figure businesses with zero cash but also advanced investment strategies you can implement to give you an unfair advantage in creating unreasonable levels of wealth.

You will also have the option to have Ken partner with you and help fund your deals.


Learn the exact mindset and techniques Ken Mack has been executing to acquire companies across the world without spending a penny of his own money. Ken will take you from the start line to the finish line. 


Once you have acquired your first business learn step by step the best way to protect and maximize your purchasing power. In a day and age where fiat currency carries little value, this is a critical skill you need.  


Once you have acquired your first business you will learn how to work above it rather than in it or on it.

Knowing what do do after determined how successful you will be.



  • Introduction to Leveraged Buyout's 

  • Introduction to Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Positioning yourself correctly to give you the maximum advantage

  • Positioning yourself as a corporate shareholder and not a company director

  • Laying your foundations strategically to give you maximum advantage

  • Setting up your new SPV and acquisition vehicle 

  • Mindset

  • Deal profiling 

  • Seller profiling 

  • How to pick an industry 

  • How to ethically profit during a time of crisis

  • Deal sourcing (creating inbound and outbound deal flow)

  • Structuring your deal team

  • Working with industry experts

  • How to hire a lawyer and accountant on contingency (no money upfront)

  • Automation and how to maximize your time by using them

  • Structuring a deal with maximum leverage

  • Understanding the approach to making a deal happen

  • Communications with sellers, brokers, and professionals

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Seller contact and etiquette 

  • PQQ (How to pre-qualify the seller)

  • PQQ (How to pre-qualify the deal)

  • Understanding the companies financials 

  • How to tap into a companies liquidity and leverage its equity

  • Deal PQQ (How to pre-qualify a deal)

  • Understanding the HOT (Heads Of Terms)

  • Financing (How to finance your deal with little to no money down)

  • Legal Due-Diligence

  • Commercial Due -Diligence

  • Financial Due-Diligence

  • How to perform due diligence on a company (we will show you how to start the process)

  • Industry consolidation (how to acquire your suppliers and competitors) if you have an existing business

  • Advanced negotiation tactics

  • Offer sequencing

  • Legals

  • Closing your deal

  • Ownership

  • How to structure your deal so that you will work above the business, not in it or on it

  • Hiring a director so that you can step back from the day to day runnings of the business

  • Diversification of company profits into other asset classes to preserve and maximize your purchasing power to hedge against inflation 

  • Getting paid from your new company in the most tax-efficient way

  • Learn how to exit the business you acquired for a significant multiple

  • Distressed acquisitions



10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring every single day in the USA, 90% of all business brokers do not sell businesses, 90% of owners are open to seller finance! THE NEXT 10 YEARS ARE GOING TO SEE THE BIGGEST TRANSITION IN WEALTH IN HISTORY! You can either watch us continue to acquire businesses with none of our own money or you can join us.

This is an exclusive 3-month program where you will be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs who have committed to growing wealth via acquisitions. Whether you follow Dan Pena (QLA) or have heard about no money down acquisitions, Ken will be walking you through the process and taking you from the start line to the finish line. 

This is an ideal opportunity for those who cannot afford Ken's VIP partnership program. 

By coming on board with Ken you will also gain access to Ken's exclusive inner circle where you will be surrounded by the 0.1%, this alone is worth 10 times more than the cost of the program. 

One of Ken's highlights of 2019 was being endorsed by the 50 Billion Dollar Man "Dan Pena". Dan recognised Ken's success at his last high ticket QLA castle seminar and on various occasions on his social media. CLICK HERE TO SEE 

If you are looking for a no-bullshit straight-line approach to making this happen then make sure you do not miss this!




JAN 2021 - APRIL 2021

  • Fully interactive 2-way experience during the 3-month program. Meaning you are able to talk and listen. 

  • Complimentary access to the entire online course (worth $2000).

  • Full unrestricted access to our interactive group chats during the conference and backstage group chat. 

  • Have Ken fund your deals via his private brokerage.

  • Opportunity to partner with Ken of your deals. 



JAN 2021 - APRIL 2021

  • 1-way experience during the 3-month program. Meaning you can only listen. 

  • Access all deal-making, document, template, scrips and Ken's financial Rolodex. 

  • Access to our private networking lounge on Facebook.