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Bootcamp Nexus is an investment and hedge against the upcoming global financial collapse (AKA THE GREAT RESET) which is going to be the biggest dislocation in wealth the world has ever seen. The millionaires of today will become the middle class of tomorrow! Take this very seriously.

Not only are you investing in a relationship with Ken Mack but you will actively be taking part in the $76 Trillion wealth transfer that is taking place right now.


You will learn how to acquire 7-9 figure businesses with zero cash and solid investment strategies you must implement to protect and maximize your purchasing power while the fiat currency gets heavily debased.

$1M in the bank in 2020 has the purchasing power of only $600K in 2021.

The only way you can maximize your purchasing power is to learn how to buy revenue and then maximize it. This is a time-sensitive opportunity. 


Bootcamp Nexus is a high-level program ideally suited to 6-7 figure entrepreneurs looking a much smarter way to generate wealth.

If you are ready for the next level in your life then this program is for you.

No previous business buying experience is required.


Click here to make an application to join the next Bootcamp. After you make an application you will be placed on our waiting list (current waiting time 2-3 years).

Once a space becomes available a member of our team will contact you to discuss your application further.


You can skip the 2 - 3 year waiting period by investing in our Fast Track program and have your application personally looked at by Ken Mack within 24 hours.

If declined a place you will receive full and unlimited access to the online course. It is a Win-Win for you.

Click here to fast track


Strategy, Innovation & Implementation

Bootcamp Nexus Logo Black_edited.jpg

The Bootcamp Nexus is a journey that will form the foundations of beautiful relationships with the financially woke.

You will gain access to knowlege that you can leverage for the rest of your life. Expect to embark on the ultimate masterminding experience with the world's number 1 generational wealth mentor, Ken Mack.​​


if you are lucky enough to be allocated a space, you will spend 3 months getting privatly mentored in a small group of elite entrepreneurs presented by Ken Mack himself.

As time is of the essence with the upcoming global collapse, we will take you on a bespoke journey to not only protect your purchasing power but maximise it.

You will learn how to buy 7 - 9 figure business with ZERO CASH using a technique Ken Mack has been using for many years called a leveraged buyout.

"It can take somebody 50 years to take a 7-9 figure business to where it is today but take you 3 months to acquire it" Ken Mack

The Bootcamp is a practical hands-on learning experience where Ken Mack will take you by the hand and walk you thought the entire business buying process. Although you are here to learn, not earn,  it is possible that you could close a deal during the Bootcamp. As students are the only people Mack and his team do deals with, he looks at the Bootcamp as an investment in a future partnership and relationships with his students.


Generational wealth starts as soon as you learn how to buy your customers and buy revenue. 

Welcome to the new paradigm...





  • Fully interactive 2-way experience during the 3-month program. Meaning you are able to talk and listen. 

  • Complimentary access to the entire online course.

  • Full, unrestricted access to our interactive group chats during the conference and backstage group chat. 

  • Opportunity to partner with Ken on your deals. 

  • VIP's get the opportunity to join the Black Belt Partner Program (by invitation only).



  • 1-way experience during the 3-month program. Meaning you can only listen. 

  • Access all deal-making, document, template, scrips and Ken's financial Rolodex. 

Bootcamp Nexus™ Important Pre-Joining Info

This program is ideally suited for 7 - 8 figure earners although we do welcome 6 figure earners into the program, by invitation only.

If you have joined the Fast Track program to skip our current waiting list of 2 - 3 years and we decline you, we will offer you a complimentary place on our online program Acquisitions Made Simple™. For the avoidance of doubt, this offer is only applicable if we decline you, not if you decide to not go ahead with the program. 

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