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Ken Has Made The Mistakes So You Don't Have To

Discover The EXACT Strategy Ken Mack Has Used To Acquire, Scale & Sell Dozen's Of Businesses With Sales Ranging From $2 Million To Well In Excess Of $100M With Zero Cash. We are about to witness the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen. Should you fail to take immediate action, you will for sure regret it for the rest of your life!



Video Testimonial From Recent Bootcamp Student "Declan Gilmour" Click Here To View Professional Profile


The Business Buying Challenge was absolutely incredible value. Spent 5 days with Ken and a group of entrepreneurs where we did a deep dive into buying businesses with no money down. Its fair to say Ken is an extremely knowledgable individual when it comes to Mergers and Acquisitions. I had a great experience and hopefully if Ken and his team run another Bootcamp I will likely apply to join it. With that being said, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ken and his mentoring programs. Very interesting guy to follow on Instagram, followed for years watching his fascinating lifestyle, friends circle and travels. Exactly the kind of people I want to surround myself with. I hold Ken in the highest regard alongside some other gurus I follow like Grant Cardone, Jeremy Harbour and Carl Allen. Ken in fact came as a recommendation from Dan Peña but aware his teaching are much different and more effective than the traditional QLA approach which I have also been following.

Duncan Hepburn


Spent the last few months with Ken and a lovely group of entrepreneurs on the Business Buying Bootcamp. Ken is a very knowledgeable and approachable individual who clearly knows his stuff. After doing my due diligence and finding out all of the painful mistakes Ken had made over his last many years in business, it was clear Ken was the mentor for me to help avoid these situations. I have been following Ken closely for years so it was obvious he has been deal making himself travelling all over the world and living a very nice life, I knew this was exactly where I wanted to be. As soon as I seen Dan Peña endorse Ken and his new Bootcamp launch I jump at the chance of applying to join and got accepted in. With Ken’s help, I have since acquired an RV Park with not a single penny of my own in the deal. For somebody like myself new to business this deal has changed my life which I am forever grateful for. I hope this review on Ken Mack helps others make the smart decision of working with him, an incredible individual who is changing the lives of many.

Richard Thomson


I completed one of the Bootcamp’s after 3 fantastic months with Ken. Acquired an abundance of knowledge and contacts during the program, and got my first deal under contract which is now in closing. For me the course has been life changing as it has provided me with the knowledge and confidence to buy my first RV park business with only a small down payment of 5% which has now been funded by an investor. Big shout out to Ken and his team for making this happen. A much recommended investment if you are considering joining the program.

Nikki Simons


Ken and I have been dabbling in business concepts for over 5 years. He has turned 2020 into one of his best years but we’re now planning on expansion! If Ken doesn’t have an answer for you, then someone in his network will. If you’re ready to excel, Ken is a fantastic choice!

CC Mac


Ken is a very knowledgable and experienced mentor in Mergers & Acquisitions. Since being coached by Ken I have developed a deep understanding of leveraged buy outs and have successfully acquired my first no money down business being a home healthcare company. It took my 5 months from start to finish. I started with the online course and then progressed to his private mentorship program. I can safely say it was the best investment I have made in myself to date. I highly recommend this program to anybody, it was worth every penny. Ken does say that this is not for everybody and you have either got it or you don’t. It’s safe to say I was one of the successful ones who followed Ken’s clear steps and made my first deal. I note the negative review below, I agree with it that Ken does not teach QLA. Whoever wrote this has likely got confused as QLA is a brand name of Dan Penas program which Ken does not have anything to do with. Ken however was endorsed by Dan Peña.

John Brian




Ken is a highly experienced in the field of M&A and Mentoring, every question is shortly followed by a detailed answer, Ken is a real professional, and has a great set of skills! I always receive from him the very best personal attention and advice. It is a pleasure to work with Ken!

Ken is a motivator and strong business mind , I have previously worked with Ken as a partnership discussing currency risk management during venture capital dealings. Combined our services have helped with business growth, He is professional with an entrepreneurial flair. I look forward to more future business.

Ken is a well connected professional that always takes the time to support anyone is his network. He has a very impressive background and profile and I recommend Ken as a expert to connect with and consider for anything appropriate.

TAKE ACTION: when Ken and I met in Hong Kong on our way to the Philippines to open up our call centre, he had shirts made up with our logo and the words TAKE ACTION. I immediately thought this guy not only speaks of things to do but acts upon them and yields results. Working with Ken has been a year filled with a lot of great moments and some tough decisions that have brought us to the point we are at. I would take Ken on with me in any business industry as we've truly created a business in a box. See less

Leadership and Ken go hand in hand. His innovative approach to creative thinking and business ethics has enabled thousands to apply his principles. He has definitely been a role model to me and has mentored me in all my testing times. Ken is blessed with a rare combination of humour, hard work and vision that makes his creations and his speaking style very appealing. I feel a strong connection with him based on our mutual career interests and aspirations. He’s a consummate professional. As a Disruptive Entrepreneur, he brings enormous knowledge, loads of vigour, top quality work on board in an imperturbable manner. As a person he is very dependable and generous. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone and I often do. See less

Hi everyone, I am a client of The Digital Gurus. Ken Mack is one of the most influential thought provoking entrepreneurs I have had to privilege to work with. Great energy and pasión. I Tomas Pabon am the founder of several press & media companies across Europe and since meeting with Ken he has helped our companies with the services of The Digital Gurus implementing strategic sales and marketing plans where our sales have increased by at least 200%. Everything with Ken is fully transparent unlike all other digital marketing company we have crossed paths with paying high retainers for zero transparency and little to no ROI. I look forward to a long term professional relationship with Ken and recommend him to everybody. There are not many people like Ken. See less

To state that Ken is a "Go Getter" is a complete understatement. He's a rare breed of commercial warrior with integrity, honesty and clarity. He has a vision and speaking to him I have absolutely no doubt that if you link up with him, you'll end up with far more than you actually bargained for. Ken has a zest for life, and also a natural affinity with the client that has a spark about it. Another Sir Richard Branson in the making if the right doors open I think...........a giant inspiration to young business minded people.

I have previously worked with Ken & i was impressed with his leadership & communication skills. His Vision & Product Innovation is phenomenal & he has a great ability to get the best out of the people he works with.

I have previously worked with Ken by providing venture capital services to help with business growth, He is so professional and he is a successful entrepreneur! Really pleasure work with him!

In the world of B2B, Ken is one of the most effective action takers that I've worked with. His acute tactics on building a business based around customer service is a unique skill. The approach along with his effective techniques, highlights his industry experience which is second to none. It would be a wise business decision to join Ken in any venture. See less

I have known Ken now for over a year, and say he lives his life as an Entrepreneur is putting it mildly !!, he has passion, drive, energy and a commitment to customer service which is above and beyond any normal company. Once met never forgotten ....... That is Ken.

I can personally vouch for Ken having known him since we were 2 years old. He has always been methodical and meticulous with his business and his personal life, He has seen much success in his business endeavors and always strives to be the very best.

Ken Mack is very correct , meticulous with accuracy in his business and is very trustworthy. I would recommend him for any kind of business. Dr.javan

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