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How To Crash Crypto Markets (From An Insider)

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Some inside info on FUD and manipulating markets by a connection who's had blood on their hands (many times) before. I'll add some proof (clients identity protected). This is going to be decently detailed, so sit down, relax and get ready for the show.


Prior to the move to crypto, our insider was a Sr. exec in a dominant company in one of the most competitive sectors with a P&L larger than that of some small nation-states, highly regulated with over 125 licences in 100 jurisdictions.

In 2016 our insider launched a full-service company covering: • Legal and regulatory - MEH • Solidity development - Pumping out those shitcoins you all love • Marketing & PR - Pumping your bags to the moon • OTC - For the smart money to exit with minimal wreckage.

50 main clients were serviced, mostly vanilla ERC20s but also some early ERC721 (NFTs as the kids call them). Back then they were using them to build stuff like SKRs for physical gold for private banks in HK, CH, MC etc. They also did a lot of sentiment management for our OTC desk



Step by Step

So, say you're a fund wanting exposure to BTC but think you missed the optimal entry.

If only there was a dip you could enter in. Cue us - What flavour of dip would Sir prefer this morning? Flash crash? Liquidity hunt? Ah, excellent choice! The End of the Bull Market it is!

Step 1 the groundwork

So we're going to crash the markets to allow you to scoop up cheap sats. We pay several low tier media outlets to publish bearish news but not promote it on their channels. It just sits there for now.

Step 2

Pay several contributors to Bloomberg/Forbes etc to publish hot takes on the story citing the article It's easy as a) The starving writer meme is real b) They're desperate for fresh content c) Compensation is tied to the amount of traffic their stories generate.

Step 3

So now the content is on some low tier news sites & a few tier 1s. This is where you break out the Rolodex and ping every pasty tech writer you ever bought drinks for at a conference & FOMO them in. You're missing the story dude, it's on Reuters too FFS, you need to publish NOW

Step 4

The story is gaining momentum & it hits the PR wires. It's on all sites from NewsBTC to Reuters so it's obviously legit. Time to break out the CT Influencers. These guys all tweet out the story or variants of it with keywords that sentiment algos picks such as "ban", "hack" etc.

Step 5

It's now time to tie it all together by initiating the dump via our algo. This is the opposite of the standard OTC algo, in that it looks for the thinnest books on exchanges that comprise Future price indexes (CB, Kraken, Gemini etc) and market dumps on them.

Step 6

Retail sees the dump, rush to Twitter to find that CT is engrossed in this new story. They panic as algos start to dump and liquidations begin. Retail sells, cascading SLs & Liqs finish the job & drive the price to your orders. We dump on any rally to keep the momentum high. Bingo.